Grado, bike & kite


Grado will seduce and charm you. The historic old town and the endlessly long beach have something for all tastes.


The main street or “Corso” between the beach and the old port is dotted with charming boutiques, superb ice-cream parlours and excellent restaurants, and entices shoppers evening after evening. The sunset from the “Diga” is also a spectacle not to be missed.


Grade marks the end of the cycle path between the Alps and the Adriatic (Alpen-Adria). The magnificent Venetian lagoon has many other things to explore. Cycle tours

Cycle tours

Spending a few days by the sea is a perfect way to end the wonderful tour that can begin as far away as Salzburg. Countless peaceful day trips through hidden little towns, quiet squares and stunning nature will round off a cycle tour to the sea.


The beach that lies next to Camping al Bosco is the perfect hotspot for kitesurfing in the Upper Adriatic. Action right on your doorstep.


For beginners, experts and professionals alike, the large area of shallow water and just the right wind create the ideal conditions to allow everyone truly fantastic experience that can be raved about around the campfire in the evening.

Grado, the sunny island

Grado was given this name due to the above-average number of days of sun. Thanks to its historic old town, Grado stands out from many other small towns in the area and offers everything for the prefect, relaxing holidays and an unforgettable experience in Italy.

The beach of central Europe

Grado has not been dubbed the “sunny island” by coincidence. It is in the first row, so to speak, of offshore land overlooking the Adriatic. This ensures more sun, even if there is a storm inland. The centuries-old tradition of the island as a holiday destination can be noted in the increased connection between the Grado way of life and holidays. It enjoys the charming shade of pine trees and is surrounded by brightly coloured beach huts and many Italians, who have a visibly different concept of time. It is easy to get used to the laid-back way of life in the Mediterranean and the legendary Italian cuisine. In the delightful old town, every photo becomes a postcard image and memories are long-lasting. Anyone who has been here once will come back time after time.

  • Historical old town
  • Charming boutiques
  • Star-rated restaurants
  • Delicious ice-cream
  • Early Christian basilica
  • Endlessly long beach
  • Romantic beach promenade
  • Healthy climate resort
  • Spa and thermal baths
  • Freshwater outdoor swimming pool
  • Entertainments
  • Boat rental

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From the River Salzach to the sea

With a length of 410 kilometres, the Alpe-Adria cycle path is a sporting challenge that meanders its way through breath-taking landscapes and many sights. The route through Alps is one of the most beautiful tours in the whole of Europe.

It passes through the varied landscapes of the Carinthia region, Slovenia and also Friuli-Venezia-Giulia. For those who start off in Salzburg, the route passes along the Tauern cycle path, through the Gastein valley and past Böckstein. From there, the tour continues by train through the mountain – a short, eleven-minute breather that ends in Mallnitz. The route continues firstly through Carinthia, past Spittal a. d. Drau, Villach and to the border in Arnoldstein. On the Italian side of the Alpe-Adria cycle path, long sections follow along abandoned railway routes that exude the charm of long-gone days. Cyclists pass through magnificent places such as Tarvisio, Gemona, Udine and Aquileia, before finally reaching Grado. Although the cycle path ends here, there are many beautiful day tours in the surrounding area through this rich land of culture.

At our reception, you can pick up and take with you all the information leaflets, route plans and maps you need in order to enjoy this experience to the full.

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Kitesurfing in Grado

A kitespot that has everything

The sandbank that lies at the west side of Grado Pineta is one of the best kitespots along the northern Adriatic coastline. Just a short walk from our campsite, along the beach, it is easy to bump into water sports enthusiasts flying through the air, performing cool stunts at impressive speeds. This spot is not only suitable for professionals, however, but is also suitable for beginners, who are very welcome to take part in the courses offered. Kiters are spoilt in the large area of shallow water of around 5 square metres, which offers sufficient wind and just the right depth of water – directly in front of their own mobile home, tent or camper. Romantic camp fires on the beach included.

Further information regarding the kitespot of Grado Pineta and the beginners’ courses offered by the University sports institution can be found under

Sufficient areas of shallow water are highly important for certain water sports, such as kitesurfing. This means an area of water on sturdy ground where one can stand in a stable position, and is also known as flat water. At the kitespot in Grado, this shallow water area is bigger than anywhere else. It provides a wide surface for superb kitesurfing.
This very wide area of shallow water also offers much greater safety for kitesurfers, making the kitespot in Grado especially suitable for professionals and beginners alike. Even if one goes a little astray now and then, it is easy to get back onto the shore. For beginners who have not quite mastered their board this is particularly important, but also for professionals who want to constantly try out new stunts and speeds.
Kitesurfing without wind? That is hardly possible. But the kitespot in Grado really does have everything. Both the “Bora”, or north-east wind and the “Scirocco”, or wind from the south, offer perfect conditions for a perfect day surfing. The large area of shallow water does not change even in strong wind and thanks to the amount of space available, every wind direction is suitable for kitesurfing.
When you are a bit tired of the water and would like to try out somewhat larger waves, there are also deeper areas of water in the west, towards Grado. Here, above all thanks to the combination with the Scirocco, or south wind, the higher waves are a kiter’s delight.
Thanks to the perfect conditions, kitesurfing in Grado can be a very special experience, although this naturally means finding the right accommodation nearby. Camping al Bosco is thus an important reason why kitesurfing in Grado is so fantastic. A short stroll along the shore will take you to the long strip of land and the kitespot.
After a demanding, eventful day in the water and the air and a good meal at the campsite, there are still many cultural options and the town is not far away. The kitespot in Grado is thus the perfect combination of relaxation, enjoyment, action and culture.
Kiten in Grado bedeutet aber nicht nur beste Bedingungen und perfekte Lage sondern auch Kiten sowohl in der Kite-Hochsaison, die schon mit Ende März beginnen kann, als auch in den Sommermonaten. Anders als bei den übrigen Kitespots an der Adriaküste, bleibt das Kiten hier aufgrund des großen Platzes auch neben dem normalen Urlauberansturm möglich. Gefallen daran kann man somit auch während einem entspannten Sommerurlaub finden.
Last but not least, there are two kitesurfer instructors at the kitespot in Grado, who would like to offer all beginners the chance to enjoy this experience. In addition, the beginner camps of the University sports institution have also been set up at this very spot in Grado, where they hold weekly courses.

What holiday-makers say about us

At Camping al Bosco, I love the family-like, peaceful atmosphere. The superb position in the forest with direct access to the beach is unique in Grado and has the feeling of a romantic adventure.
Helga Baumbach
Over recent years, Camping al Bosco and its beach has developed into a real hotspot for kitesurfers. There is always something going on and you meet lots of new people.
The well-groomed mobile homes are the perfect combination of campsite life and home comforts. And when you don’t feel like cooking yourself, the restaurant has great food to offer. Giorgio is the perfect innkeeper.
Francesca Mattei
The pool and play area, as well as the flat beach, make the campsite ideal for children. We look forward to going back year after year.
Georg Steiner
Every year we willingly undertake the long journey there from Holland. The atmosphere is simply unique.
Jens van der Heyden