The equipment should always be suitable for the weather conditions. Before leaving for your holiday you should keep an eye on the weather forecast. The choice of tent will depend on the number of people. A family naturally requires more room than a couple. The type of tent should not drown in water after just one downpour – for this reason you should pay attention to quality. A tarpaulin will provide protection against wet ground. Temperature permitting, summer sleeping bags can be used. If comfort is important, good sleep support such as an airbed will ensure a good night’s rest. Mosquitoes can be kept at bay with a mosquito net or spray. A first-aid kit is a must on any holiday.

Those who prefer self-catering will need a gas or petrol-fired camping stove, and cooking utensils such as pans, plates and cutlery. A torch and cool box are also essential. In the well-stocked shop, you can buy all the food you need. Otherwise, how about enjoying some fine cuisine in our restaurant for a change? Tip: Don’t ask Giorgio for the bill of fare but ask about today’s special.

There is no radio, TV or internet connection and that’s the way it should be. You will finally have the chance to read those books that have just been collecting dust in your bookcase.